Discover Armenia with SunChild Eco-tours

Discover Armenia with SunChild Eco-tours and enrich your life with the encounter of an ancient civilization on the threshold between orient and occident.

The mountainous Armenia harbors an amazing array of landscapes, complemented by a rich culture and the incomparable hospitality of the local people. Though it is the smallest country in the South-Caucasus it is the home of a unique biodiversity. Its richness can scarcely be found in any other region of the world. But Armenia is not only gifted with an outstanding natural heritage – also prehistoric petroglyphs, marvelous antique scriptures and some of the world’s oldest monuments of Christianity can be found here.

SunChild Eco Tours offers hiking, horse riding and biking tours through pristine landscapes, excursions to isolated villages, old monasteries and mystic prehistoric cult sites as well as inspiring encounters with local people.